Monday, October 31, 2011

Our Provençal Getaway

As a part of our 3-week honeymoon, Darwin and I drove to Aix-en-Provence

This was a third leg of six cities visited. Darwin and I also visited Nerja for a good friend's wedding, Malaga, Toulouse, Lourdes, Nice and finally, Paris. 

We were hoping for lavender fields and a trip to Arles and St Remy (where Van Gogh painted most of his famous works such as:

The Bedroom 
Yellow House

Garden of Irises

Unfortunately, Fall was not the best time to see lavender fields. But we were happy to get lost and explore the little town of Aix, anyway.

On the weekends, the city centre hosts several Provençal Markets. We decided on Les Grandes Marches.

We scored the place for cheese, sausages, spices and little knick-knacks. 


It was also tempting to buy "antique" dining ware, but at this point luggage space was an issue as we still had a long way to go (and a lot more shopping to do!)

 And if you ever visit Aix, I beg you to try this place out. It was recommended by Sophie, our B&B host. On our first night I managed to get us lost and we ended up eating in some Japanese restaurant at the centre, but when my navigator husband took over taking directions, we (or should i say HE) found it!

Chez Thome is in a very quiet place on top of the hills. It is run by a pretty lady in her 40s, and you can tell by how the place is decorated.

Distressed wood, plants and a feminine accent. I live for these things.

Darwin's starter... Foie Gras. DEATH. DEATH!!!

And his main dish, the most amazing Tartare EVER. EVER!!!!!

I won't bother posting my food. His deserves the spotlight.

We booked ourselves at a pretty Bed & Breakfast on top of the hill, just 10 minutes away from Aix-en-Provence's city centre. It's called La Bruissanne and it is run by a wonderful woman name Sophie LeGrand.

We took the Marius, their "honeymoon" suite. It was beautiful... such a quiet place and she decorated the room with so much heart. Down to the last corner.

Our bed was fresh and clean and comfortable.

 This is a photo of how our room looks from the outside. It has its own patio. This is where we spent idle time just meditating and kicking our feet up.

The breakfast nook. Sophie served us fresh bread, jam, butter, coffee, tea, juice and yogurt every day. 

The breakfast nook looks over the pool and garden  
This is breakfast and I'm dying to go back

Then there was a little outdoor pantry for late-night tea/coffee/snacks.