Thursday, June 30, 2011

Let's digress just a little.

To my delight, I recently (actually just a few minutes ago) got a request to blog about my favorite flats and bags.

Well, I used to consider myself a (wannabe) bag fanatic, but i believe i got over that phase as fast as I got into it. These days I don't obsess over getting the hottest bag or the most expensive ones-- my decision to purchase depends on how in love I really am with it, regardless of trend and hype. I also rely on how laid-back or sturdy my totes are.

With that said, my top totes are the ones that can carry all my stuff. and I mean ALL MY STUFF. Big, roomy and strong.

This one bag I recently bought in my last trip to the states. Truth is, for me, the "summer-er" the look, the better. I dunno, I've always liked that whole cruise or hamptony feel. With my home interiors AND my clothes. and bags. and shoes. So this is my latest favorite. It's HUGE! And I carry it to wherever, whenever my outfit permits.

Cabana Striped Tote, Kate Spade

On days when I need to lug around less stuff, I use my giant Part-Time bag. I have this in a nice powdery blue with silver hardware, but I think this praline-colored one is kinda cute, too.

Giant Part-Time, Balenciaga

As for Tod's...They're the best for me. I won't even bother with the Birkin (sorry bag hags, this is blasphemy, I know. haha). My simple G-bags are my favorite! I take them with me everywhere! :) To the beach, out of the country, to the parlor, to the mall, to lunches, to work... you get the picture. They're the best toss-and-tote totes. Aaaaahhh... ❤

G-Bag, Tod's

This pink one in patent with leather straps is the best all-weather accessory. Trust me.

Yeah, so I'm happy with the non-Chanel non-Hermes bags I have. :D the comfier, the better! Yes, I'm talking about bags. Hehe.

As for flats...OKAY fine I like the forever and ever worn-out Tory Burch Reva flats EVEN IF THEY'RE REALLY PAINFUL. I once wore a half size too big and they still hurt. But nonetheless, they have colors that are just so pretty, you can't say no.
The famous and worn-out Reva flat, Tory Burch. I like this color because it's perfect for my daily nude palette.

Even this. I haven't purchased this one in particular, but I want it. Hahaha doesn't it look like a Bottega? 

The Prescot Ballet flat of Tory Burch

It also reminds me of caramel ice cream. YUM. Hahaha. Aaaaanyyyywaaaayyyy......

...You also can't go wrong with ol' reliable Tod's ballet flats. Maaaaan... they're comfortable and sturdy and can take any amount of walking and driving. Just don't get the suede. But these suede ballet flats are adorable. and go with any casual outfit.

Soooo there. Those are my top flat and bag choices. Nothing too fancy schmancy... I realized that sometimes, more expensive isn't necessarily more tasteful. 

Okay fine, all the time. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm a neat freak. sort of.

There are two types of neat freaks. One, there's the lysol-and-alcohol spraying kind, and second is the label and compartmentalize kind. 

I'm the label and compartmentalize kind. 

Labeling my boxes according to category. Gotta love Dymo!

You don't understand my happiness when we're shopping for house stuff. The sight of bright colored folders and clear plastic boxes is like a nice new fresh Hermes, Balenciaga or Givenchy purse to any bag maven. 

I have tons of pouches and boxes that I hoard when we go to Muji, Make Room and Rustan's. I use them to store stuff from muesli to hairclips, nail polish to note pads.  I'll die if I don't travel without my boxes.  Last December before our wedding, I brought my whole dresser to Baguio:

Don't leave anything out! Bathroom essentials all stored in their own clear plastic boxes, for convenient traveling. 

Anyway, since I can't take  my toiletree kit everywhere, I settle for my work stuff. These things I cannot leave home without.

My Monogrammed work bag. Gave these out to my bridesmaids for the wedding, and thought I'd get one for myself! It's canvas and sturdy and really pretty!

It can hold my laptop, gadget accessory case, pencil case, Dymo, planner and document folder
It is big enough to carry my file folders, too!

another thing i love: my BUILT neoprene case.
it's compact and can hold my hard drive, cables, chargers and gadget cleaners

Of course, we've been doing a lot of research for the house we will be building, so I always carry Post-It page markers and a whole lot of pens for identifying pegs and taking down notes.

And of course, my Moleskine planner. A year is not the same without it. :) The perfect size, the perfect format makes it the best planner for me.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birthday Trip (Back from the Blogging Hiatus)

Hi guys, I'm back! After ten years! 

People were starting to ask me why I stopped posting. Truth is, I went on vacation, and then felt really lazy for the month following my vacation. (Dugong Mode)

But anyway, Dugong mode is off, and in fact, I finally got to organize some of the junk lying around at home (more on that later).

So, here are a few photos from our recent trip to the States.

East Coast: New Jersey and New York
West Coast: Santa Monica and San Diego 

Infront of our Ninang Grace's big beautiful house :) I found a place I could wear my camel-colored leather jacket!!! 

Mom, Darwin and myself on one of the quaint roads in Lambertville

a row of apartments in Lambertville, NJ

we saw many nice Delis and coffee shops, and shopped for some yummy Garlic Mustard and Horseradish

On the Westside


It was a nice cold morning, perfect for walking around

book shopping outside of Central Park

Darwin grabbed a red chair and put this in the middle of Times Square hahaha. 

Gary, Hannah and Evan at Ninang Grace's house in NJ. 

Gary's Russian but doesn't drink Vodka. 

My birthday Red Velvet Cupcakes were the best ever.
After brunch at M Street Kitchen in Santa Monica (this place was called La Grande Orange)

We went biking on this thing called a Street Strider. Think of it as a cross between a crosstrainer and bicycle! Fun and wow it gives you a real workout!!! 

For my birthday, we had lunch at 1 Pico, this yummy restaurant in the prettiest hotel in Santa Monica-- Shutters on the Beach. 


By evening, we drove to Gjelina for dinner with Darwin's cousins!

With Matt, who also celebrated his birthday! Happy birthday Matt!

The next day, watched the Lakers - Hornets Game 5, Darwin got us really good seats! :)

8 rows away from the players, not bad! :)

they didn't make it to the finals, but it's okay! Dallas deserved to win the title this year. :)

                                                      Lunch at George Modern in La Jolla

Peter Luger, our favorite steak place. :)

the brute and cozy ambiance makes the experience ten times better

eager beaver!
The first slice of steak is as good as the last bite you take!!! 

So there! fifty pounds and one big bibingka face later, I am blogging again. :)