Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kate Spade themed party for Olivia's first birthday

Aaaaaaaand I'm back again. :)

I'm not sure how long it has been since my last blog. Almost four months? I think so.

Still sporting a baby bump, still as buntis as ever. I feel like I've been pregnant for two years already :p

Since my last post,  I've gained a whole lot of weight (my OB GYN has given up on trying to keep my lbs. down)-- had three baby showers thrown by super loving friends and family, and set up the baby room (which is STILL a work in progress. I think it will always be that way, thanks to this thing called Nesting.

At this point, we're actually just waiting for ze baby to come out! My dear husband has been talking to her and playing with her. He loves it when she kicks or shoves as a response to his calls.

"Hi, Olivia! It's daddy!"

*karate kick*

Yesterday, he even took a photo of my HUGE TUMMY because he wanted to "see her" whenever we weren't together.

Anyway, with a few minutes free today, I came up with the idea of planning ahead. And when I say ahead, I mean... a year ahead.

I made an inspiration board for Olivia's first birthday party. 

No, I am not excited! Haha.

My baby's first birthday will be Kate Spade-inspired.

Bright poppy colors, Nautical striped-straws, polka-dotted table cloth, raffia baskets, a cute bike... fresh, bright and happy elements for a summer celebration.

I feel like I'm done with baby pinks and pastels. Those were adorable themes done for my bridal and baby showers and my friends did an awesome job! Will probably post some from those parties, soon!

But since this baby's birthday will be in the summer-- it'll be perfect to incorporate color and prints from one of my favorite brands :)

Oh happy happy joy. :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Pink and Blue practice debunked.

I mean, how predictable is this: Blue stuff for the baby boys and pink things for the baby girls. 

I mean, sometimes and on the occassion, a pink lace dress will be cute.

But for a nursery... I think I'd go crazy in an all-rosy room covered ceiling to floor in cotton candy, carnation, carmine, coral, hot, baby, fuchsia...you-name-it pink. Can someone please say


Sweet Dreams traditional kids


Here's a little secret.

I've been compiling nursery room ideas waaaaaaaaay before I'd gotten preggers.

Just the same way I'd almost booked all my wedding suppliers even before I'd gotten engaged. HAH. TACKY. Do not do that, ladies.

Anyway, the nursery my husband and I want for my our child(ren) will not be TOTALLY GENDER-COLOR CODED.

Truth is, the moms (and dads) and grandparents and aunts and uncles will be spending more time appreciating it. The baby, well.. the baby will be in it, but do you really expect the little infant to go all 'oh mom, i love that you picked out that flush changing bed to complement the blush ottoman...'

I really have lots to say about this, but I think I'd rather go on and show you guys the idea for Baby #1's nursery.

Pearsons Room traditional kids

Love the chandelier and mirror. heehee. okay fine. and the framed monogrammed print.

Pearsons Room traditional kids

same room, different angle:

Pearsons Room traditional kids

A nursery with the essentials:

a comfortable feeding chair, a wardrobe, a changing table.... and a chandelier. HAHA.

childrens room inspiration set 1  kids

Although I don't agree with the all-white origami hanging as a mobile (because I read somewhere that a colored mobile stimulates the baby more than bond paper does...), the linen is fantastic, and so is that...deer on the table. hahaha.

The walls will have cute things like DIY-looking frames, vintage mirrors..and those letters seem to be making it big these days:

French Larkspur eclectic kids
clothes hangers, a frame...a stuffed doll... a mirror for the mommy...

Shades Of White Baby Room traditional kids

Great word, not my kind of font: But this shelf is too cute!

French Larkspur eclectic kids

Nice touch with the stylized fonts for LONDON. Not loving the photography though haha:

Argyle Bedroom contemporary kids

Oooooh nice fluffy teddy bear.
Dustins Bedroom traditional kids

I mean, so far, this is what we've got!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Log Cabin weekend.

My husband's family loves the cold, which made me realize that I, too am more of a mountain kind of lady than a sun and sand type of vacationer.  

For my in-laws' birthdays, we spent the weekend over at the Bellehouse 2. It was our second time there, having spent a friend's birthday in the same house 2 years ago. 

Anyway, because I love log cabins, thought I'd share with you this pretty house we got to enjoy. I think my in-laws are set to be back for their wedding anniversary. 

the living space outside the rooms of the 2/L

the other entertainment room

What's awesome about renting the Belle House 2 is that you aren't allowed to bring and cook your own food, but the restaurants in Highlands come inside and cater for you. 

On the night of our stay, we had the Highlands Steakhouse team come and serve us dinner. 

It was pretty much having your own private restaurant in the comfort of your own home. How awesome is that :)

This is where our catered meals were served. 

This dining room is awesome during the day but more charming in the evenings. P.S. That antler chandelier is not real, do not worry. :)

For breakfast the following morning, we called the golf club and had them bring in freshly prepared food-- tapa, tocino, eggs, garlic rice... :D 


This place is the best place to sit and talk, sit and do nothing, sit and listen to music, sit and watch TV, sit and eat... then sleep. I wish the Philippines had more places like this. We have a lot of beautiful beaches, but a nice cold place would be a good respite from the tropical climate. :D

the grand piano-- i'd like to spend christmas eve here and hire someone to play holiday songs hahaha :p

The main living space is so comfortable-- morning newspapers or after-dinner coffee are best taken here.

That deer is huge and scary.

The biggest guest room on the 2/L, which has its own dining area, too. I wasn't able to take photos of the other guest room, they were occupied by my brother in law and his wife at the time. 

master bedroom

Master bath. We took this photo before leaving, so it was a royal mess hahahaha

beside this tub was a sauna, which my father in law loved so much.

the massive balcony / deck gives occupants of the house an awesome (and private) view of the taal. 

More of the deck, where we spend idle time thinking or chatting over a hot cup of coffee.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Beyond Yoga is like a pretty little home :)

Remember when I told you about Cara, who went from Asiany clean lines to French frou?

Well, she and partners Cathy, Chiqui, Rianna, Anna and Pat recently opened a Yoga and dance studio (plus cafe!) in Quezon City.  They named it Beyond Yoga, and as the name says, there's more you can do there than just a tree pose.

I never got in for opening as husband and I were still honeymooning in France. But anyway, I went as soon as I could, and was so happy to see the place!

 A peek into the lounge area 

The well-equipped  ladies' locker room is another place you'd want to linger and loiter in.

Those candles are gorgeous!!! They will be nice for MY house, too! hahahaha

No reason not to look fresh and pretty after a good practice

Cara can't let go of her modern lines. Mirrors add some modernity to this soft and homey studio

their retail section accented with interior brick walls

colorful towels to make each workout fun! 

Lounge Lizards: People love this studio for the classes and the ambiance.

You can look through their little library of books and kill time in between classes. This is definitely something I'd put in my house. candles, lanterns and plants! :)  

The pretty seats are as welcoming as the people behind the studio. 

One, the place could be a house. You can tell women were behind the decor. (Our friend Honey played head interior designer)

It's really a happy place. The energy is so light, people walk-in and feel right at home. Not to mention it smells pretty good!

My friends and I can spend lazy afternoons there. I don't like doing Yoga, but I think you just might see me there, hanging out and eating (they also have Beyond Cafe-- which serves 200-calorie meals).

Beyond Yoga offers yoga, zumba, pole, belly dancing and very soon, Anti-Gravity Yoga!! :)

Beyond Yoga
3/L Il Terrazzo
Tomas Morato cor. Scout MadriƱan Sts

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Walk-in closets

Washington Park Residence 11 traditional closet

What you see in this photo is going to be more or less the feel of our entire house... I'm talking about the off-whites, the moulding (Not too heavy, though. Something more "modern"), and the brightness all throughout.

Looked for a few organizing materials we can use...

Water Hyacinth Bins contemporary baskets

Won't it be awesome to have these ladders instead of having shoes lying around on the floor? Think temporary storage until you put them back in their shoe boxes after wearing.

Wooden Shoe Ladder eclectic clothes and shoes organizers

Candles to set the mood.. I suuuuper love these ones by Ralph Lauren Home.
Silver Modern Hurricane contemporary candles and candle holders

An ottoman for putting on and taking shoes off

Essex Printed Ottoman traditional ottomans and cubes

Frames for some love

Brushed Silver Wall Frames contemporary frames

So for our walk-in closet, we were hoping for something like the topmost photo, OR even something like the inside of a Banana Republic store. (Or a Massimo Dutti store...they kind of have the same wall and shelving treatment)

Stole photo from Andy Biggs, http://www.theglobalphotographer.com/

Stole photos from Andy Biggs, http://www.theglobalphotographer.com/

Stole photos from Andy Biggs, http://www.theglobalphotographer.com/

Stole photo from Scott Van Dyke  http://www.flickr.com/photos/30000789@N02/2806496269/in/photostream