Sunday, July 3, 2011

Zak! Design

 A wife can never have enough storage boxes. And mixing bowls. And trays. And all those other neat things you can store/prepare/serve different items (food or non-food) in.

I'm a young wife and would rather have nice colorful tools in the kitchen. As it is, I don't cook like Mario Batalli. So shallow people who can't cook need motivation. I have Rustan's to thank for that. They carry a nice line of kitchen tools and equipment, including storage and serving products by Zak! Design. Total eye candy, if you ask me.

Their mixing bowls are TDF. Why settle for boring stainless steel when you have eye-popping colors to choose from? The nice thing about these bowls is that they don't slip when you hold them, making mixing and stirring a lot easier. A plus? these babies can also be used as serving bowls for salad, chips, popcorn, fries, you name it!

I love their trays. I only got the white ones of these. But I think I'd like to go and grab the other colors (if Rustan's has them). I've used this to serve beverages and TV dinners.

Then they have the storage cups for frozen food, like ice cream. 

Do you remember when your moms/helpers would store leftover fruit salad in empty tubs of ice cream? Or empty jars of mayonnaise? DIE. At least these nice, clean and durable plastic jars are reusable and don't look so out of place.

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  1. O nga, our lolas would always save those ice cream tubs & mayonnaise bottles so they can put whatever food, condiments even spices in it. Ha! Buti na lang, cute sleek containers are available in our generation! Tama, being a wife we get the same feeling whenever we enter a beauty store (say Sephora) and a home decor store (like Ikea) we buy storages, cookware, and other items just because they're too cute & functional to resists. As an excuse to our husbands, we always say we really really need it! heehee :p

  2. Well, we have one more reason to shop once we are married! Hahaha. Poor husbands.