Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Martha Stewart Baby (and Mommy)

Late last year, Buding Aquino Dee (award-winning mom and advocate for breastfeeding) threw her daughter Arie the most gorgeous first birthday celebration EVER. :)

It was a French-American DIY Martha Stewart-esque celebration styled by the doting mommy herself. 
(EDIT: Buding says that her stylist friends and staff also had a hand in this beautifully styled set-up!)

I got butterflies in my stomach when I viewed the excellently executed decor. Cara says that Buding collected a whole lot of fabric just for the event! 

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure, here are photos of Arie's birthday stolen straight from the photographer's blog:

Genius: Embellishing the center table with clothes and photos of Baby Arie in her first year. 

With Dad Dudu, and brothers
 Tommy and Colby

This come straight off a page from a Martha Stewart Living magazine!!! I loove it!

Bright idea: Put a message board (or tree, in this case) to give your baby when she is old enough to read encouraging words from friends and family

Macarons and pretty pastry that match the event make for a more exciting tea-time spread

(Left) A Croc en Bouche of Marshmallows (Right) Beaming Supermom, Buding 

These photos are so inspiring! Makes me want to be a mommy already :D

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  1. Fantastic pics! I loved the center table and the bird cages. :)