Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Log Cabin weekend.

My husband's family loves the cold, which made me realize that I, too am more of a mountain kind of lady than a sun and sand type of vacationer.  

For my in-laws' birthdays, we spent the weekend over at the Bellehouse 2. It was our second time there, having spent a friend's birthday in the same house 2 years ago. 

Anyway, because I love log cabins, thought I'd share with you this pretty house we got to enjoy. I think my in-laws are set to be back for their wedding anniversary. 

the living space outside the rooms of the 2/L

the other entertainment room

What's awesome about renting the Belle House 2 is that you aren't allowed to bring and cook your own food, but the restaurants in Highlands come inside and cater for you. 

On the night of our stay, we had the Highlands Steakhouse team come and serve us dinner. 

It was pretty much having your own private restaurant in the comfort of your own home. How awesome is that :)

This is where our catered meals were served. 

This dining room is awesome during the day but more charming in the evenings. P.S. That antler chandelier is not real, do not worry. :)

For breakfast the following morning, we called the golf club and had them bring in freshly prepared food-- tapa, tocino, eggs, garlic rice... :D 


This place is the best place to sit and talk, sit and do nothing, sit and listen to music, sit and watch TV, sit and eat... then sleep. I wish the Philippines had more places like this. We have a lot of beautiful beaches, but a nice cold place would be a good respite from the tropical climate. :D

the grand piano-- i'd like to spend christmas eve here and hire someone to play holiday songs hahaha :p

The main living space is so comfortable-- morning newspapers or after-dinner coffee are best taken here.

That deer is huge and scary.

The biggest guest room on the 2/L, which has its own dining area, too. I wasn't able to take photos of the other guest room, they were occupied by my brother in law and his wife at the time. 

master bedroom

Master bath. We took this photo before leaving, so it was a royal mess hahahaha

beside this tub was a sauna, which my father in law loved so much.

the massive balcony / deck gives occupants of the house an awesome (and private) view of the taal. 

More of the deck, where we spend idle time thinking or chatting over a hot cup of coffee.


  1. how much to rent the house? and may i ask for the contact number?

  2. Wow Looks like a nice place to have a vacation with. LOVE this look! Beautiful images. :)

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  3. hi, where can we make rental inquiries to this place?

  4. Aw such as beauty. I love log-cabins too and it is during winter that i mostly longs to stay inside. While during summer i am so into my garden shed.