Thursday, November 3, 2011

Beyond Yoga is like a pretty little home :)

Remember when I told you about Cara, who went from Asiany clean lines to French frou?

Well, she and partners Cathy, Chiqui, Rianna, Anna and Pat recently opened a Yoga and dance studio (plus cafe!) in Quezon City.  They named it Beyond Yoga, and as the name says, there's more you can do there than just a tree pose.

I never got in for opening as husband and I were still honeymooning in France. But anyway, I went as soon as I could, and was so happy to see the place!

 A peek into the lounge area 

The well-equipped  ladies' locker room is another place you'd want to linger and loiter in.

Those candles are gorgeous!!! They will be nice for MY house, too! hahahaha

No reason not to look fresh and pretty after a good practice

Cara can't let go of her modern lines. Mirrors add some modernity to this soft and homey studio

their retail section accented with interior brick walls

colorful towels to make each workout fun! 

Lounge Lizards: People love this studio for the classes and the ambiance.

You can look through their little library of books and kill time in between classes. This is definitely something I'd put in my house. candles, lanterns and plants! :)  

The pretty seats are as welcoming as the people behind the studio. 

One, the place could be a house. You can tell women were behind the decor. (Our friend Honey played head interior designer)

It's really a happy place. The energy is so light, people walk-in and feel right at home. Not to mention it smells pretty good!

My friends and I can spend lazy afternoons there. I don't like doing Yoga, but I think you just might see me there, hanging out and eating (they also have Beyond Cafe-- which serves 200-calorie meals).

Beyond Yoga offers yoga, zumba, pole, belly dancing and very soon, Anti-Gravity Yoga!! :)

Beyond Yoga
3/L Il Terrazzo
Tomas Morato cor. Scout MadriƱan Sts

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