Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Pink and Blue practice debunked.

I mean, how predictable is this: Blue stuff for the baby boys and pink things for the baby girls. 

I mean, sometimes and on the occassion, a pink lace dress will be cute.

But for a nursery... I think I'd go crazy in an all-rosy room covered ceiling to floor in cotton candy, carnation, carmine, coral, hot, baby, pink. Can someone please say


Sweet Dreams traditional kids


Here's a little secret.

I've been compiling nursery room ideas waaaaaaaaay before I'd gotten preggers.

Just the same way I'd almost booked all my wedding suppliers even before I'd gotten engaged. HAH. TACKY. Do not do that, ladies.

Anyway, the nursery my husband and I want for my our child(ren) will not be TOTALLY GENDER-COLOR CODED.

Truth is, the moms (and dads) and grandparents and aunts and uncles will be spending more time appreciating it. The baby, well.. the baby will be in it, but do you really expect the little infant to go all 'oh mom, i love that you picked out that flush changing bed to complement the blush ottoman...'

I really have lots to say about this, but I think I'd rather go on and show you guys the idea for Baby #1's nursery.

Pearsons Room traditional kids

Love the chandelier and mirror. heehee. okay fine. and the framed monogrammed print.

Pearsons Room traditional kids

same room, different angle:

Pearsons Room traditional kids

A nursery with the essentials:

a comfortable feeding chair, a wardrobe, a changing table.... and a chandelier. HAHA.

childrens room inspiration set 1  kids

Although I don't agree with the all-white origami hanging as a mobile (because I read somewhere that a colored mobile stimulates the baby more than bond paper does...), the linen is fantastic, and so is that...deer on the table. hahaha.

The walls will have cute things like DIY-looking frames, vintage mirrors..and those letters seem to be making it big these days:

French Larkspur eclectic kids
clothes hangers, a frame...a stuffed doll... a mirror for the mommy...

Shades Of White Baby Room traditional kids

Great word, not my kind of font: But this shelf is too cute!

French Larkspur eclectic kids

Nice touch with the stylized fonts for LONDON. Not loving the photography though haha:

Argyle Bedroom contemporary kids

Oooooh nice fluffy teddy bear.
Dustins Bedroom traditional kids

I mean, so far, this is what we've got!

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  1. so far...andrea you have it in the bag! THese are all cute, can't wait to see the real deal!