Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Antonio's again and again and again

There are some habits that are hard to let go of. 

For Darwin's family (and my mom's), it's Antonio's Farm, and they've been loyal clients since 2003. They go for almost any reason--Christmas, relatives are in town, first date, anniversary, business meeting, it's a nice day outside, New Year, you name it. 

They were even the very first clients to close down the entire establishment way back in 2003 to celebrate their birthdays. 

What's awesome about Antonio's is that their service is consistent,  their food keeps getting better, and the decor is updated almost every year. 

the foyer where the family pictures of the owner hang on a vibrant red wall

their floor tiles complete the look--the main dining hall has a quaint charm but still vibrant

Squid Ink Rolls with butter

hard and black outside,  then soft, warm and chewy on the inside.

Bone Marrow (yes! that's gourmet "bulalo") with bruschetta

Their greens before the real deal are always a treat in themselves!

Dalandan Juice: a favorite since 2002!

the spices and sauce for their STEAK!

rack of lamb 

Porterhouse to perfection 

They have the best souffle for me :) Loved since 2002--just like the dalandan juice hahaha


added this shot I took from Christmas 2010

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