Thursday, February 10, 2011

Packaging is everything.

Imagine going on a first date and you look like this:

Sorry...I just had to put this in hahaha. :p

Wouldn't it be nicer if your date sees you looking like this?

Appearance is so much more important than you think. My former boss said, dress for the position you want, not the job you already have. 

I wanted to bring this up because I stumbled upon this website, IDSGN (after my friend Govind Daswani showed me THIS website called Lovely Package)

IDSGN had a showcase of the previous year's award-winning packaging. Wouldn't some brands become more attractive if they improved on their packaging (and not just slightly, but significantly)?

 Just though I'd share and inspire you guys, too! Foreign Branding Firms have been doing an awesome job, taking cues from the art world (art deco, art nouveau, conceptual art, etc) in making breakthrough packaging for products.

It would be nice to go grocery shopping one day and find these on our local shelves:

And the cutest one (which won the contest):

We;re sure to recycle these bottles after use!

delicious content AND packaging

Plantable cool is that???

Pretty paper packaging that is too cute to throw away after tearing.

70% chocolate, 30% cute

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